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Hello my friends, let me tell you a bit about me and my pipes. I live and work in the small city of Nelson in New Zealand. I am a tool maker by trade, but was involved in photography for the last twenty years. Both of these trades helped me to develop my pipe making skills and keen eye, a necessary skill needed by every pipe maker.

Being a small workshop, I can apply a personal touch to every pipe that I make, and have no time restrains on my work. I can exploit every block of briar to its maximum potential, achieving results that many of my customers are looking for.

I am not a heavy smoker myself and would normally smoke only after work and on weekends, but I do enjoy making, collecting and smoking pipes. I believe that pipes are an adults best toy, and there are few  things in life which gives you so much pleasure for modest investment which will keep on delighting you for many years.

When I create a pipe, I try to make it a personal item that is an extension of the smoker that receives it. I feel that this is my way of bringing a little joy and pride into the lives of my fellow smokers. I try to create pipes that I think a fellow pipe smoker will be proud of, enjoy and get the most value for the money. I want to create pipes that will bring pleasure to the true pipe lovers, rather then trying to produce smoking utensils for the masses.

It is a great pity that governments all over the world are taking such a hard stand against smoking in general. They unfortunately don't separate a good quality and relaxing form of pipe smoking from the general trend of cigarette smoking which as we all know is something completely different.

So lets light up our favourite pipe tobacco, lean back, relax and just puff and puff and have a great time ...

Smoke in peace