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Signature, Amalfi "Superia"

I was asked to carve full bent pipe and finaly found the right block of briar to do so. This is a true full bent pipe and will comfortably hang just bellow your chin.

The grain is stunning all around the bowl and on the shank, and there are plenty of birds eyes on the bottom. The Olive wood extention works well and compliments hand cut Cumberland stem rather nicely and I have no problem placind the pipe in the "Superia" class.

As for the shape, I would call it a Freehand full bent Blowfish, Jan's style...

It is hard to take photos of fully upright pipe as I run out of space in my viewer and on some shots the pipe is slightly tilted, but rest asured this is a full bent pipe.

I am very pleased with the result and am sure this pipe will find a new home very soon :-)
Size 44x49x180mm
Chamber Diameter 21mm dia/44mm deep
Color Light Oak
Finish Carnauba Wax
Stem Hand cut Camberland
Filter None

Sorry this pipe has been sold. I'm now semi-retired, but if you absolutly must have a pipe like this for your collection please email me and I'll be happy to quote you a price for this particular pipe.

I would appreciate your comments either on my pipes or my site as this is the only way I can improve my craft and service. Click here to add your comments about this pipe.

Cardiff, Australia

I really like this full bent. I hope you make another one.

Adam Gay
Atlanta, USA

This pipe looks absolutely beautiful. Makes me want to smoke it on my back porch and never leave. PLEASE make another one, I'd love to have one.

Larry Fasel
Tulsa, Oklahoma, U.S.A


Such beautiful pipes, wish I could get them all. I 'm the owner of this beautiful pipe and it is a work of art, so easy to hold on the mouth, feels great in the hand to and last but not least a fine smoker. Fine Craftsmanship Jan.