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Smooth & Rustic, Trilobite

This pipe is a large freehand almost Buldog shaped and is fitted with hand cut Avrylic stem in dark blue with white line running trough it and white Delrin tenon.I did enjoyed carving this pipe and had a hard time at the same time as number of pits apeared at various stages of carving. Being large grooved pipe, once you start cutting the grooves there is very little space to avoid sand pits and at the end I gave up on the spotless clean pipe and accepted the fact that they are there. I did stabilazied them with glue and in my opinion they do not distract the attention from the pipe, the shape and hand cut Acrylic stem will take your eyes elswhere. But if you are the person who just can not stand sand pits, do not buy this pipe. I did adjust the price accordingly and I hope someone there will appreciate my two days of work which went into this creation...
Size 49x57x158mm
Chamber Diameter 21mm dia/43mm deep
Color Antique Brown
Finish Carnuaba Wax
Stem Hand cut Acrylic, blue with white line
Filter None

Sorry this pipe has been sold. I'm now semi-retired, but if you absolutly must have a pipe like this for your collection please email me and I'll be happy to quote you a price for this particular pipe.

I would appreciate your comments either on my pipes or my site as this is the only way I can improve my craft and service. Click here to add your comments about this pipe.

Frank Simonie
Chester, Connecticut, USA

Dear Mr. Zeman,
I just wanted to tell you that I recently purchased the Trilobite pipe on eBay. I am extremely pleased with the pipe and I cannot believe that the former owner would let it go. It is a great pipe to display, but it also smokes very nicely (I don't believe in buying pipes to impress people. Pipes are meant to be smoked!) To be honest this is the first time I have run across one of your pipes, but I intend to check your web site regularly. All your pipes demonstrate an artistic sense as well as wonderful craftsmanship. Perhaps I will be lucky enough to own another in the near future.
Frank Simonie
17 Hazen St.
Chester, CT 06412 USA