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Signature, Black&White Minstrel "Ultima"

I was turning over my old Plateux blocks and came across one with very tight outside curve. I put it aside and it was sitting on my workbench for some time and I just had no clear idea what to do with it. Part of the problem was that the block would not fit into my chuck on my small lathe and I knew I will have to drill it by hand.

Well couple of days ago it finally happened…the clear idea formed in my head and I felt confident about the hand drilling operation. I am thankful to Tom Eltang and Rainer Barbi for hand drilling lessons, but have to say that I still find the exercise unnerving.
But it all went rather well and the “Black&White Minstrel” is a end result of my labor.

Large Freehand pipe with ridge of Plateaux comb running around the front and bottom of the bowl and beautiful cross grain are the features of this fine pipe. The pipe is fitted with white Acrylic stem, including machined Delryn tenon, and wide band cut from Brown Mallee Root. Matching tamper made from the same root is included with the pipe. The bowl is coated with my Charcoal/Pumice formula for extra protection and ease of break-in.
The combination of the shape, grain, and colors really came together in this pipe, and despite small sand pit which was stabilized and is hardly noticeable, I have no hesitation to place this pipe into “Signature Ultima” category. This is the only second “Ultima” which will be leaving my workshop, and due to the unique shape of the Plateaux block and the grain it’s simply unrepeatable. The photos do not do justice to this pipe, it is darker and the grain has real depth to it.

The “Black&White Minstrel” is a pipe which will be treasured, enjoyed and stand proud in any pipe collection anywhere in the world, and I am happy offering it to you…

Size 40x44x66x170mm
Chamber Diameter 21mm dia/49mm deep
Color Antique Black
Finish Carnuaba Wax
Stem White Acrylic with band
Filter None

Sorry this pipe has been sold. I'm now semi-retired, but if you absolutly must have a pipe like this for your collection please email me and I'll be happy to quote you a price for this particular pipe.

I would appreciate your comments either on my pipes or my site as this is the only way I can improve my craft and service. Click here to add your comments about this pipe.