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Smooth & Rustic, Argona

Well after almost two days of carving and having big plans for this pipe I hit number of small sand pits and the high end "Signature" idea went out of the window...bugger !!!

This pipe has some beautiful grain and birds eyes I come across for long time and had to be downgraded for number of small pits. I did stabilize them and they do not detract from overall beauty of this pipe and the final price reflects this.

Nevertheless this must be the best pipe for the price on my site right now and if no one wants it, I'll be very happy to keep it mor myself.

Carved from Italian Plateaux it is light for its size, double stained with Orange over Walnut and fitted with acrylic stem with White Delryn tenon and New Zealand Greenstone band.

So very exiting day in my workshop, but you can't win them all...at the end I did enjoy it despite the final outcome and hope one of you will enjoy it as well and appreciate my effort...
Size 44x55x156mm
Chamber Diameter 21mm dia / 44mm deep
Color Orange over Walnut
Finish Carnuaba Wax
Stem Black Acrylic with Greenstone band
Filter n

Sorry this pipe has been sold. I'm now semi-retired, but if you absolutly must have a pipe like this for your collection please email me and I'll be happy to quote you a price for this particular pipe.

I would appreciate your comments either on my pipes or my site as this is the only way I can improve my craft and service. Click here to add your comments about this pipe.

Norm Briddock

Hi Jan,
As you can see I keep perusing your site, drooling over the pipes, and cursing the luck that stops me winning tattslotto!!! LOL.
This is my favourite pipe of all. I know it is wrong to lust for things and so I try not to, but I come awful close with this one.
I have three of your pipes now and love them all.
I think of you and Vera in your wonderful home often, with fabulous memories.
The guys in the pipe club loved the two I bought back.
Thanks again,
Happy puffing,