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Latitude 41, Cape Horn

Half bent sandblasted freehand pipe fitted with black Vulcanite stem, no filter. Great pipe at great price, this is a factory made pipe finished by me to standard which will guarantee you satisfactory smoke. Finished in new Rustic Black finish, with no outside varnish, this is nice outdoor pipe for fishing, gardening or just to carry everywhere in your pocket type pipe... and for this price you don't need to worry if your dog will take a bite out of it...

FREE shipping anywhere in the world !!!
Size 38x47x137mm
Chamber Diameter 19mm with Pumice/Charcoal coating
Color Rustic Black
Finish Carnauba Wax
Stem Black Vulcanite
Filter None

Sorry this pipe is sold out.

I would appreciate your comments either on my pipes or my site as this is the only way I can improve my craft and service. Click here to add your comments about this pipe.

jan-ole ziegeler
rostock, germany

mister zeman was a victim of my curiosity and stubbornness and i really do have to thank him for making me a "cape lark" pipe that actually was already sold out and for sending it to me at a very gentle price just half around the world from new zealand to germany. the second pipe i ordered is the "cape horn"! it's about twenty pipes i own by now from stanwell to dunhill and i just have to say that the cape horn is simply something just greatful simple and sexy!!! i love it best!!! thanks a lot!
yet i smoked it with a tasty german tobacco with a heavy cake and caramel aroma of nut, nougat, cream and butter . . . goreous! and right now i'm about to try it with a cool and dry davidoff english mixture . . .
more, more, more . . .

Chuck Richards
Tijeras, New Mexico USA

Just wanted you to know that one of your Cape Horn's made it to the mountains of New Mexico. I was shocked at the lightness of this pipe, and have enjoyed your touch to the rustic finish. My Sav's, Pete's and Stanwell's are going to be clamoring to get a ride in the 4By4 from this point on....now about getting you to make a Red Tiger Lark....