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Signature, Pupurangi

This must be my favorite shape and I just love to carve it. Shape is based on native New Zealand snail, called Pupurangi in Maori.

Bowl is carved from well seasoned Italian Plateaux, had it in my workshop for over 10 years and the pipe is very light and well balanced. Nice smooth Signature Extra class, with cross grain and plenty of birds eyes. The stem is hand cut from solid stock of German Cublerland and at its generous length will reward you with cool smoke.

The bowl is coated with my Pumice/Charcoal formula for ease of break-in and extra protection. Another great addition to your collection...
Size 45x70x53x175mm
Chamber Diameter 21mm dia / 39mm deep Pumice coated
Color Walnut
Finish Carnuaba Wax
Stem Cumberland hand cut
Filter None