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Lord of the Pipes, Amroth

This is a second pipe in the series. Beautiful Churchwarden finished in unique rusticated finish developed for the series which is silky smooth to the touch. Only old Great Wizard could achieve such a magic. Carved from quality Plateaux and fitted with black Vulcanite stem sporting brass band with cryptic writing. This is a pipe to be enjoyed in deep forests and on the shores of the great lakes in company of no one, but the gentle wind...
Size 48x50x283mm
Chamber Diameter 21mm
Color Deep Oak
Finish Carnauba Wax
Stem Black Vulcanite with brass band
Filter None

Sorry this pipe has been sold. I'm now semi-retired, but if you absolutly must have a pipe like this for your collection please email me and I'll be happy to quote you a price for this particular pipe.

I would appreciate your comments either on my pipes or my site as this is the only way I can improve my craft and service. Click here to add your comments about this pipe.

Dave Keever
Lavergne, USA

Dear Jan,

Recently my wife purchased a pipe, the "Aragorrn", from you for my birthday. I'm writing (late- it arrived one week ago) to tell you it arrived safely.

It also smokes and handles like a dream. Well done sir, I'm proud to own it. Excellent craftsmanship, good balance, with most intriguing fish. I carried it with me to work the other night, it garnered a lot of compliments.

I heard of you and this pipe from a post on the Usenet group alt.smokers.pipes. I'll be posting my impressions there as well.

Again, my compliments from craftsman to craftsman and my thanks. I hope to purchase some of your other work in the future.

Dave Keever

David L. Haupt
Livermore, USA

Dear Jan,

Last night I recieved one of your LOTR series pipes as a gift from my son-in-law. It is an "Aragorrn". I am an avid pipe smoker and a scholar of J.R.R.Tolkien's works, so i was delighted to get the pipe.

I was immediately impressed with its quality and artistry. I have seen very little really good stuff, related to the LOTR theme, and this pipe was an outstanding exception.
I particularly like the unusual "whittled" finish. I think it is perfect for the series. I also hope you will continue to develop it. I am curious about the inscription on the band, what does it say or mean, I just can't quite make it out.

The LOTR is largely responsible for my getting back into pipe smoking after nearly 40 years hiatus. I was watching the movie when it struck me that there were all these fat, happy hobbits languidly smoking their pipes; I use to do that and enjoyed it. It also brought to a focus my growing distaste for the "Taliban" mantality of the anti-tobacco, ani-everything, intolerant movement that seems to have gripped this country. Upon taking up pipe smoking fourty years later, I felt that I had fallen in with some druggy counter-culture. Well, so be it! I mean, the Puritans were kicked out of two countries after all, before they landed on these shores and proceeded to spil everyone's fun for the next 400 years.

I got on GOOGLE this morning and, feeling lucky, typed in your name and landed immediately on your web site.

I will continue to monitor your web site and have seen a number of pipes that interest me. You made a beautiful sandblast that was marked "SOLD", but I hope you will create more of these from time to time.

Your pipes will be proudly displayed among my collection of Dunhills, Castellos and old Barlings. Carry on.

Sincerely, Dave Haupt

Kevin Ramsey

Hello, Jan. The YPSC 2003 pipe finally arrived today. It is such a beautiful pipe, and I love the shape and design. The mouthpiece shape (one of my favorites) is very similar to the one on the Sourani that I bought from you a few years back. I immediately loaded it with Old Gowrie, smoked half before dinner, and am about to sit down for the second half.

Also, the Amroth arrived a week ago. I unwrapped the package, pulled it from its box, and just stared at it on and off for several hours, before finally loading it, lighting, and smoking. Yes, I had told you that it was to be a gift for a friend's retirement party, but it is such a beautiful pipe and I've been wanting one of your churchwardens for so long, I just couldn't bear to give it away. (I had to rush out and quickly buy a different gift.) I smoked it 2 to 3 times a day for 5 days (half-bowls only) before finally giving it a rest. I'm definitely going to want more churchwardens in the future, and I already have my eye on your Elladan.

As always, I deeply appreciate your wonderful service and careful packaging, and of course your beautiful designs. I now have 6 Zeman pipes, and they all smoke exceptionally well.

Take care,

KL Ramsey

Andres De Carlos

Dear Jan:

I just receive at my home the pipe "Amroth"that i ordered few weeks ago,i must say that is a wonderful pipe,very light and confortable on the hand and on the mouth...and when i lighted it why my favourite tobacco,it smoked wonderfully,giving me a pleasant smoke...it was just amazing.

Congratulatons,i'm sure it will be one of my favourite pipes.

Albuquerque, NM USA

My first Zeman pipe, Lord of the Pipes, Amroth.
Arrived in less than a week to my address on the other side of the world.
First impression, out of the box, Wow !
Initial concern, draw seemed a bit restricted.
After load and light, Unfounded concern about draw.
Smoked like a dream, and stays lit very Very VERY well.
A hard thing to engineer into a churchwarden design. Well done.
Looking forward to adding more Zeman pipes to my collection.