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Latitude 41, Morning Tide

Classic Billiard shape finished in Rustic Black sandblast, fitted with black Vulcanite stem, no filter. This is great looking pipe and good smoker too, with Pumice/Charcoal coating inside the bowl and no varnish outside, just pure Carnauba Wax for natural smoke, this is a good size pipe with generous bowl capacity...

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Size 36x48x160mm
Chamber Diameter 21mm
Color Rustic Black
Finish Carnauba Wax
Stem Black Vulcanite
Filter None

Sorry this pipe is sold out.

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Michael Stephens
Chicago, Illinois

Just discovered your site. Awesome pipes you have! While I am a relatively new pipe smoker, I find myself interested in magnum pipes. Is your Latitude 41 in the category of a Magnum. If so, will you be offering it again in a larger size?

Thank you.