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A series of pipes created to celebrate the great story, "The Lord of the Ring" by J.R.Tolkien. Themed pipes which are unusual in shape and character ... true goblin style pipes, but good smokers never the less. Fun to collect and fun to smoke. Carved for your pleasure by the Great Wizard of Middle Earth.

Second in series, beautiful Churchwarden finished in unique rusticated finish...
Great looking LOTR pipe with smooth faces on the bowl and bamboo stem for cool, dry smoke...5th in the series
Fourth pipe in my LOTR series, small elegant churchwarden type, easy to handle, great smoker...
Magnificent freehand carved by old Great Wizard from top quality Plateaux...
This is a great freehand pipe, graceful lines and balance, will sit...
Thorrin de Lux
Same shape as standard Thorrin but with smooth bowl and darker finish...

Smooth & Rustic
Old Sea Dog
Lord of the Pipes
Latitude 41
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