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Pipes carved especially for the various Pipe Clubs worldwide. The first club pipe was carved in 2000 for the Yahoo Pipe Smokers Club and a new pipe introduced every year since. Shapes are voted on by the club members, and the pipes are produced to the specifications of the individual club. These pipes are great fun for the club and represent excellent value for the money.

YPSC 2000 Club Pipe
Classic shape, partly rusticated oval bowl and curved shank. Silver band with YPSC logo...
YPSC 2001 Club Pipe
Classic 3/4 bent with partly rusticated bowl and Sterling silver band on black Vulcanite stem...
YPSC 2002 Club Pipe
Classic poker shape, partly rusticated bowl and black Vulcanite stem with Sterling silver band...
YPSC 2003 Club Pipe
Freehand bulldog pipe, partly rusticated, black Vulcanite stem with Sterling silver band...
YPSC 2004 Club Pipe
Nice half bent pipe with touch of Danish flavour and great smoking qualities...
YPSC 2005 Club Pipe
Freehand Cobra shaped pipe, parly rusticated, black Vulcanite stem with silver band...
YPSC 2006 Club Pipe
Chubby Apple shape pipe, siler band, YPSC logo...

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